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Viessmann invites Civil Engineers to APEX Group

October 25th 2021, 03:53 pm
less than a minute Minutes

Numerous civil engineers for technical building equipment (TGA Planer) visited the APEX Group in Rostock-Laage in September 2021, as guests of Viessmann, the leading manufacturer of air conditioning and energy solutions.

The family owned company Viessmann regularly presents the engineers with the latest developments in terms of climate-neutral energy supply.

In addition to solutions from Viessmann, the main focus in Rostock-Laage was on hydrogen-based energy concepts. Viessmann and APEX Group demonstrated the functionality of CO2-neutral systems. In addition, the participants were able to investigate the linkage of hydrogen-based solutions through sector coupling (hydrogen as a fuel as well as ice storage systems with heat pumps, building and mobility concepts, etc.).

The seminar was regarded as a great success. It highlighted the wide range of possible applications for hydrogen-based solutions, ”says Bojan Petrov, Head of Sales at APEX Group. “We would like to thank Viessmann for the opportunity to present hydrogen as an important element for climate-neutral energy solutions.”