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The Power of Hydrogen

The H2APEX is an established provider of renewable energy. We are pioneers of the green energy transition. Our headquarters are located in Rostock/Laage. Our business model is based on three pillars: project and storage business, as well as the sale of green hydrogen.

The stock market launch of  H2APEX

In January 2023, APEX merged with exceet Group, a publicly traded investment company. Together, the focus is on developing projects for decentralized supply of green hydrogen. From now on: H2APEX!

H2APEX Livestream (recording) on February 8, 2024 | 08:45 AM

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More Information

EPC Partner for hydrogen projects

We are a system integrator for your customized and turnkey hydrogen projects and mobility solutions.


Hydrogen projects with H2APEX: Why we’re the right partner

Since 2012, the focus of the H2APEX Group has been on researching and developing solutions to make green hydrogen usable as a raw material for the industry and many other sectors. Today, we can offer our customers tailored solutions and provide the entire project lifecycle from the initial idea to the commissioning of the electrolysis plant from a single source. To meet your requirements, we pursue a technology-independent approach.

Our highly specialized team works according to a holistic approach to precisely tailor the plant to your individual requirements and goals. While you continue to focus on your core business, our specialists accompany every step of the project, including approval, cost-effective procurement of materials, and construction execution under the supervision of in-house engineers. The handling is reliably carried out within the agreed time and budget plan.


Mobile and stationary storage solutions

H2APEX employs various approaches for the mobile storage of hydrogen and is actively researching a chemical storage solution.


Type IV 500 bar compressed gas storage

The high-pressure gas storage tanks developed and produced by us at the Rostock/Laage site are a crucial element for the decarbonization of the industry. The produced green hydrogen can be stored and transported thanks to solutions certified according to the latest requirements. Our Multi-Element Gas Containers (MEGC) are available in 20 and 40-foot variants.

Our carbon fiber-reinforced high-pressure storage tanks are certified according to the latest requirements for all relevant applications and meet the highest safety standards. Due to the high manufacturing quality combined with innovative design, we offer a product with a very long lifespan while requiring minimal maintenance.

Hydrogen storage for maritime transportation routes

Hydrogen transportation by ship imposes specific requirements on the storage. The transport containers must meet the highest safety standards and withstand extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Additionally, rapid movements of the ship must not compromise safety. Our Type IV carbon fiber pressure vessels can be used for transporting hydrogen and hydrogen fuel containers in maritime applications.


Green hydrogen

The green hydrogen produced by us enables our customers to make an essential contribution to a successful energy transition.

Become part of the green energy transition.

We produce green hydrogen at our own facility located in Rostock/Laage, and facilitate the seamless integration of additional services. Your customized offer will be tailored to your consumption needs to ensure long-term supply security.


Hydrogen transport


Green hydrogen at 5.0 purity


Filling trailers at the production site


Technical support


Hydrogen trailers for rent


24/7 hydrogen refueling station in Rostock-Laage

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Main location

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Investor Relations

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