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APEX Group and exceet will become H2APEX, a leading listed developer and operator of green hydrogen plants

February 8th 2024, 11:51 am
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  • exceet Group SCA (“exceet”) will operate under the name H2APEX Group SCA in the future. Following the decision taken at the Annual General Meeting, the change in the company’s name was entered into the Company Register
  • Name change is in line with exceet’s focus on hydrogen specialist APEX
  • With unparalleled expertise, a strong management team and a high caliber Supervisory Board, the group is optimally positioned to pursue its growth strategy

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Rostock-Laage (Germany), Grevenmacher (Luxembourg), February 8, 2024 – Following resolution of the Annual General Meeting to rename exceet Group SCA (ISIN LU0472835155) to H2APEX Group SCA, the name change was entered into the Company Register. The new name aptly reflects the focus of the listed parent company of APEX Group (“APEX”), a leading developer and operator of green hydrogen plants for the decarbonization of industry, infrastructure and mobility, on the hydrogen specialist. Going forward, both companies will operate jointly under the brand H2APEX.

The H2APEX Group is led by a strong operational management team that combines technical and business expertise and consists of Peter Rößner (CEO), Bert Althaus (CFO), Axel Funke (CTO), Gunnar Krüger (CBDO) and Bojan Petrov (COO). The management is supported by the in-depth know-how of the Group’s Supervisory Board, which includes high caliber industry and financial experts such as Roland Lienau (Chairman), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann (Deputy Chairman), Prof. Dr. Matthias Beller, Georges Bock, Florian Schuhbauer and Thomas Terschluse.

Roland Lienau, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the H2APEX Group, said: “The renaming of exceet to H2APEX is a reflection of our focus on the development of APEX’s hydrogen business and the realization of its growth strategy. The Supervisory Board and management are now optimally positioned to further expand our leading market position under the H2APEX brand.”

Peter Rößner, CEO of the operating business of the H2APEX Group, added: “In the future, we will consistently present ourselves as H2APEX with a clear core brand message in the market for green hydrogen plants. The H2APEX brand stands for a high level of planning expertise, reliable and proven technical solutions and extensive experience in the construction of large-scale plants in the industrial and energy sectors. This gives us a unique position in Germany and makes us the first point of contact for companies in the industrial and heavy-duty transport sectors when it comes to hydrogen solutions.”

About H2APEX

H2APEX is a merger of H2APEX Group SCA (ISIN LU0472835155, WKN A0YF5P, previously known as exceet Group SCA), which is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the hydrogen specialist APEX Group. Together, the companies enter the market under the H2APEX brand. The operational core of H2APEX was founded in Rostock/Laage, Germany, in 2000 and has focused entirely on clean hydrogen production, storage and distribution since 2012. This makes the company one of the pioneers in this field. The goal of H2APEX is to become an internationally established developer and operator of hydrogen plants. In its core business, H2APEX develops, builds and sells or operates green hydrogen plants with an electrolysis capacity below 1 GW. These are used to decarbonize industrial value chains and to produce green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives such as LOHC (liquid organic hydrogen carriers) and e-fuels. They are used, for example, in the steel, chemical and cement industries as well as other energy intensive industries. In addition, the company offers hydrogen plants for infrastructure and logistics, especially for industrial use in warehouses, ports and production facilities.

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