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APEX Energy receives permission subject to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)

January 25th 2021, 08:00 am
less than a minute Minutes

Rostock-Laage, January,25th, 2021  APEX Energy Teterow GmbH received on Monday from the Minister for Agriculture and Environment Dr. Till Backhaus the approved BImSch application.

On January 25th, 2021 at 12:15 p.m., the Minister for Agriculture and Environment, Dr. Till Backhaus sent the approval notice for the production, storage, power generation and refueling of hydrogen to APEX Energy Teterow GmbH, represented by the managing partner Mr. Mathias Hehmann and Mr. Peter Rößner (CFO). The approval according to § 4 BImSchG is thus official and allows the construction and operation of a hydrogen power plant with an electrolysis capacity of 2MW, the storage of hydrogen in its own hydrogen storage system, the conversion into electricity via a fuel cell with 100 kW electrical power or a 115 kW H2 block-type thermal power station. A battery storage system with a capacity of 1 MWh is integrated into the system. The operation of a hydrogen filling station with a throughput of 200 kg per day was also approved.

This approval notice allows APEX Energy Teterow GmbH to complete the construction of its hydrogen power plant. Commissioning is planned for the end of March. In Rostock-Laage, around 300,000 kg of hydrogen per year can then be produced in order to supply both the company’s own location and local public transport or the entire industrial park with hydrogen / energy from CO2-neutral production.