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Mobile and stationary storage solutions H2APEX uses various approaches for storing hydrogen. Customers receive stationary and mobile storage solutions for their individual storage requirements - naturally in accordance with the highest security standards.


H2 supply at your location Type IV 500 bar compressed gas storage tank

This storage solution enables safe intermediate storage and flexible transportation of self-produced green hydrogen. Our pressure vessels are available individually, in customized configurations and in Multi Element Gas Containers (MEGC) in 20, 30 and 40 foot variants.



420 liters


500 bar

H₂ -capacity @ 15°

13.61 kg


221 kg

Do you need something more? Compressed gas storage in sea containers

Our hydrogen containers offer a flexible and location-independent solution for energy supply. They are available in 20ft, 30ft and 40ft sizes and can be individually adapted to your needs. Whether for industrial applications, construction sites or remote areas – our containers enable the efficient and sustainable use of hydrogen wherever you need it.


40 ft container

1000 kg


30 ft container

750 kg


20 ft container

500 kg


Hydrogen trailers for rent Trailer filling at the production site

We enable the transportation of hydrogen via special trailers that are filled at the production site. These trailers are equipped with pressure tanks that can safely store and transport the hydrogen. The hydrogen is pumped into the trailers under high pressure. After filling, the trailers are transported to the respective consumption locations, where the hydrogen is unloaded and used.

Get an individual quote for the delivery of green hydrogen now!

Make your site more sustainable by using green hydrogen as energy. We will provide you with a customized offer tailored to your needs for your long-term security of supply.

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