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Regionalbus Rostock (REBUS) – mobility with green hydrogen REBUS Regionalbus Rostock GmbH is responsible for bus transportation in the district of Güstrow. From 2024, H2APEX will supply the company's 52 buses and two hydrogen filling stations with around 2,200 tons of green hydrogen per year.

Rebus hydrogen bus
Rebus hydrogen bus


The Rebus project is a pioneering initiative to promote clean mobility and reduce emissions in public transport. H2APEX plays a key role in this project as a supplier of sustainable fuel.

Solution and implementation

The hydrogen system integrator H2Apex is responsible for the construction, operation including maintenance and servicing as well as the hydrogen supply of two hydrogen filling stations, which are specially designed for the use of 52 Rebus Group buses. H2Apex also takes care of the supply of green hydrogen.

The hydrogen filling stations will provide the infrastructure required to operate a fleet of zero-emission hydrogen buses. By supplying hydrogen as a clean fuel, H2APEX not only supports the transition to greener transportation solutions, but also helps to improve air quality in urban areas and reduce the carbon footprint of urban transport.


The start of filling station construction was set for June 2024.

Photos & Videos

Rebus hydrogen bus
Rebus hydrogen bus

Project data

H2 Quantity:

The project can produce 300,000 kilograms of hydrogen per year. This is the amount of hydrogen needed to supply the regional buses and significantly reduces the environmental impact of fossil fuels.

Mobile storage:

H2APEX has developed its own mobile storage solutions that enable flexible and efficient refueling of buses on the road.

Stationary storage:

The stationary storage capacity of 2,347 kg ensures that a sufficient quantity of hydrogen is available at all times to meet demand. In this way, gaps in supply can be avoided and a reliable planning basis is created for the bus companies.

For comparison: a typical hydrogen bus requires around 10 kg of hydrogen for 100 km. With 2,347 kg of hydrogen, around 235 buses could be refueled for a distance of 100 km.


The hydrogen filling station is capable of refueling 52 buses in 16 hours. Refueling takes place via a mobile hydrogen trailer.


H2Apex has been operating the first hydrogen filling station for heavy goods vehicles in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern since 2022. This enables trucks, buses and cars to be refueled with climate-neutral hydrogen.


  • Submission of G application: 10/23
  • Receipt of G-notice: expected 01/2024
  • Start of regular operations: Q3/24

Project management

Michael Schmidt

Head of Project Development H2APEX
Phone: +49 381 799902-265