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H2APEX demo system H2Apex has built a plant for the production of hydrogen at the Rostock-Lage site and also operates its own hydrogen filling station. Due to its proximity to the A19, the location is particularly well suited to providing the fuel required for refueling H2-powered vehicles.

H2APEX hydrogen power plant


H2Apex wanted to lay the foundation for the sustainable production of green hydrogen with its first own plant. This plant will produce hydrogen and also serve as a demo for potential customers and investors. At the same time, a filling station was to be built to allow heavy-duty vehicles in particular to refuel with hydrogen while on the road.

Solution and implementation

Our state-of-the-art plant is located in Laage, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and is designed to produce hydrogen by electrolysis. This innovative technology uses renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power to convert water into clean hydrogen and oxygen.

As part of our commitment to promoting the hydrogen economy, we also operate an H2 filling station for heavy-duty vehicles. This filling station enables trucks and other heavy vehicles to use environmentally friendly hydrogen as fuel and thus make an important contribution to reducing emissions.

Our plant is a significant step towards a sustainable future and stands for innovation and progress in clean energy production.


The storage facility was put into operation in 2020. Since then, it has been used for the production, use, storage and marketing of H2. The energy required for operation comes from nearby renewable energy sources, primarily wind and solar.

Photos & Videos

H2APEX hydrogen power plant
H2APEX hydrogen filling station in Rostock-Laage

Project data hydrogen power plant



Electrolysis capacity:

The plant has an electrolysis capacity of 2 megawatts.



Complete circuit

The system operates in a closed circuit. All steps of the production process run continuously to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum waste production.

This plant provides H2Apex with important empirical values that will be of great benefit for future hydrogen projects.

Project data Hydrogen filling station for heavy goods vehicles

4 x 20′ H2 storage containers

200 kg H2 capacity (60 bar)

Daily capacity:

80 cars or 10 buses / trucks or 1 x 20′ H2 trailer (300 bar)


8 – 12 months

H2APEX demo system

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Project management

Michael Schmidt

Head of Project Development H2APEX
Phone: +49 381 799902-265